Our cutting-edge delivery of the core curriculum is bolstered by a rich suite of co-curricular programs aimed at nurturing and expanding students’ interests and skills.

College maintains a strong commitment to Sport as an important part of a complete educational experience. We seek to foster healthy attitudes towards play and encourage an ethic of hard work while encouraging all students to strive to achieve their personal best.

The College Performing Arts program seeks to deepen the understanding of the human spirit and behavior through acting, improvisation, performance, directing, dance and collective creativity. Students are encouraged to discover their world through creative platforms, empowering them with lifelong tools for their future endeavours.

Music programs at College offer students a blend of academic curriculum plus co-curricular opportunities in strings, woodwind, brass, percussion, piano, guitar and voice.

Outdoor education is an important part of the holistic education offered by College. Experiential learning gained through outdoor activities enables students to develop essential life attributes such as self-esteem, confidence, leadership and teamwork skills, and links very closely to the Pastoral Care program.

College offers many special interest clubs giving students the opportunity to further explore and pursue their unique passions. Apart from delving into a specific subject or pursuit, each of these clubs provides a unique social element where students can interact and develop friendships and share experiences outside of the classroom.