Music programs at College offer students a blend of academic curriculum plus co-curricular opportunities in strings, woodwind, brass, percussion, piano, guitar and voice.

The College also presents opportunities for students to develop their talents further through both private music tuition and participation in the Symphony Orchestra, string ensembles, stage and concert bands, Drumline, vocal ensembles and our Chamber Music Excellence Program.

All of our music teachers have professional qualifications in music and are regularly performing musicians as well. They are outstanding, caring teachers and do all they can to make sure their students shine.

Instrument Offering


College has developed a comprehensive Strings Program that ranges from our Suzuki Foundation Strings (Years 1 and 2) to our Chamber Music Excellence Program throughout the senior school. All students are given a taste of the string family through our compulsory Year 3 Strings Program. From Year 4 onwards, College offers three string orchestras: Largo for young players, Andante for intermediate students and the award-winning Vivace Strings for our most advanced students.

String musicians who play in the Symphony Orchestra are eligible to audition to play in Vivace Strings (the College’s premier string ensemble) and the Chamber Music Excellence program.

Woodwind, Brass and Percussion

College offers woodwind, brass and percussion musicians opportunities to play in a variety of mixed ensembles, including the Year 5 Band, Year 6 Band, Symphonic Band, Intermediate Stage Band, Senior Stage Band, Funk Band, Percussion Ensemble, and Junior and Senior Drumline.

Students in Year 4 may choose to learn the new Clarinéo or P-Bone as part of the Year 4 Band Preparatory Program. In Years 5 and 6, students are given the opportunity to take group lessons and band rehearsals as part of our innovative band programs.


Students from Prep to Year 12 have the opportunity to participate in Vocal Ensembles from our youngest group, the Piccolo Choir right up to our senior choir, the Voices.

Ensembles and Choirs

Suzuki Foundation Strings

Coordinators: Mrs Belinda Manwaring and Ms Cassandra Hansen
Our Suzuki Foundation Strings Program is based on the  to teach introductory violin and cello to students from Years 1 and 2. Places are limited, and membership is by application.

The program is partially funded by The Goda Foundation and students will receive subsidised tuition. Lessons usually take place before school in small groups. Parents are required to attend all lessons. Students are required to purchase/own their own instrument.

Year 3 Strings

Coordinators: Mr Samuel Konise, Ms Cassandra Hansen and Mr Philip Jack
All students in Year 3 learn to play the violin, viola, cello or double bass through our Year 3 Strings Program. Students receive a group lesson on their instrument as part of the academic music program.
Students may borrow a College-owned instrument or use their own.
Students who participate in the Suzuki Foundation Strings and Andante Strings Ensemble have the opportunity to take on leadership roles within the Year 3 Strings.

Andante Strings

Director: Ms Cassandra Hansen
This ensemble caters for our youngest string players. There are two intakes for membership, one at the beginning of the academic year and one at the beginning of Semester Two. Those students who are excelling in the Year 3 Strings Program and those who have graduated from our Suzuki Program will continue to extend their skills in this ensemble.

Allegro Strings

Director: Ms Cassandra Hansen
Allegro is the intermediate training ensemble for young string players. Students learning a string instrument at an eligible standard from Years 4-7 are encouraged to join this ensemble to help with the development of musicianship skills.

Vivace Strings

Director: Mr Samuel Konise
Vivace Strings is the College’s premier ensemble for advanced strings musicians. Participation is open by audition to advanced strings musicians who have been accepted into the Symphony Orchestra. Vivace Strings rehearse weekly and often hold sectionals as required by their director.

Symphony Orchestra

Coordinator: Mr Samuel Konise
The College orchestra is open by audition to string players as well as brass, woodwind and percussionists already in the core ensemble. String players who wish to be members of the premier string ensemble Vivace must also be playing in the Symphony Orchestra.  The Symphony Orchestra rehearses weekly. Occasionally, additional rehearsals may be required leading up to performances and special events.

Band Programs & Ensembles

Year 5 Band

Director: Ms Zoe Erskine
All Year 5 students have the opportunity to learn their choice of band instrument. Students choose an instrument based on their Year 4 music results and may be tested on a variety of instruments before deciding which they would like to learn. Students may borrow a College-owned instrument or use their own.
Students receive one lesson per week, as a small group, held during school time. The Year 5 Band rehearses as part of the Academic Music curriculum during one time-tabled lesson per week.

Year 6 Band

Director: Ms Zoe Erskine
Students who participate in the Year 5 Band have the opportunity to progress on to the Year 6 Band. Students in the Year 6 Band receive one group lesson per week and are expected to supply their own instrument (apart from large and expensive items such as the baritone saxophone and tuba). The Year 6 Band rehearses as part of the Academic Music curriculum during one time-tabled lesson per week.

Symphonic Band – Core Ensemble

Conductor: Mr Dylan Troyahn and Ms Zoe Erskine
This large ensemble is for woodwind, brass and percussion players from AMEB Grade level 2 and up and performs a variety of styles from classical to film to pop music. Students are invited to audition for a place in the Symphonic Band or may be invited by the conductor. Rehearsals take place once a week, and the band perform at College functions, Eisteddfods and in the community. The Symphonic Band is for students in approximately Years 7 to 12.

Intermediate Stage Band

Director: Mr Eddie Bray
The Intermediate Stage Band is an ensemble which allows students to learn jazz styles and hone their improvisation skills via appropriately paced repertoire. This band may include auditioned vocalists from members of various Choirs.

Senior Stage Band

Director: Mr Dylan Troyahn
The Senior Stage Band performs a wide range of repertoire including jazz, rock, funk and blues and is for advanced brass, woodwind and rhythm section players. This ensemble rehearses once a week, and performs at functions throughout the year. This band may also include auditioned vocalists from members of the College Voices.

Funk Band

Director: Mr Peter Neville
Playing mainly popular soul and funk music, the Funk Band and Jazz Combo involves guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, drums, horns, woodwind and auditioned vocalists from within various choirs. To participate members must already be part of a core ensemble (Orchestra/Symphonic Band/SSC Voices/Guitar Ensemble).

Guitar Ensemble

Director: Mr Juan Garcia
The Guitar Ensemble provides opportunities for acoustic and electric guitarists to perform a variety of musical styles as they develop their ensemble skills. The Guitar Ensemble is also a foundation ensemble for musicians who aim to progress on to play in the College Stage Band and Funk Band.

Percussion Ensemble

Director: Mr Peter Neville
The Percussion Ensemble provides opportunities for percussionists and pianists to perform a variety of musical styles as they develop their ensemble skills.
The Percussion Ensemble is an extension ensemble for students who play multiple percussion instruments including timpani and mallet percussion.  Students are invited to audition for a place in the Percussion Ensemble or may be invited by the Conductor.


Director: Mr Peter Neville
The College Drumline provides opportunities for drummers and percussionists to further develop their technique, performance showmanship and ensemble skills through a Junior and Senior Drumline. The Senior Drumline has won several national championships and captures the spirit of American style drum corps. Participation is open by audition and to participate, members must already by members of a core ensemble (Orchestra/Symphonic Band/SSC Voices/Guitar Ensemble).
The College runs both a Senior and Junior Drumline, which provides opportunities for both experienced and developing percussionists. Percussionists who are having individual lessons may audition to be part of the College Drumlines. Students must contribute towards a core ensemble (Symphonic Band, Percussion Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble or Symphony) while being members of the Drumline.

Junior Choirs

Conductors: Ms Zoe Erskine and Mr Jai Schelbach

Students in Prep to Year 3 participate in regular rehearsals and perform at events throughout the year including the Gold Coast Eisteddfod and school concerts and events. The Piccolo Choir (Prep to Year 1) and Treblemakers (Year 2 to 3) gives students the opportunity to develop confidence and stage presence as well as having a great time singing and learning. Students from Years 4 to 6 are encouraged to participate the Vox Choir which also forms the Biannual Consolidations Musical Chorus.

College Voices

Conductors: Mrs Caroline Taylor

The College Voices is the core ensemble for vocalists in Years 7 – 12. This group performs regularly at College functions, Chapel services and community events. It specialises in repertoire that is fun, as well as suited to train voices and develop musicianship. Vocalists for the Senior Stage Band and Funk Band are also selected from this group. The College Voices is open to all students who enjoy creating music in harmony with their friends.

Chamber Music Excellence Program

The Chamber Music Excellence Program provides opportunities for gifted string, woodwind and brass players to work with high profile tutors and coaches in order to finely hone their instrument and ensemble skills.

Membership in the Chamber Music Excellence Program is by invitation and audition. Rehearsal times vary depending on the ensemble, performance commitments and academic timetable.

Director and Head of Strings at College: Mr Samuel Konise

Samuel Konise is originally from New Zealand, where he is a National Recording Artist. From a young age, Sam stood out as a talented violinist. Among his early awards were the AGC “Young Achievers Award’ and Alex Lindsay Award ‘Outstanding String Player’ as voted by New Zealand Symphony Orchestra players. He went on to complete his tertiary studies at the Schola Musica, University of Canterbury and San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Sam is the Founder and Advisor for Hamilton Community Gospel Choir, the Creator and Advisor for the Pacific Promise Concert and was a Management Consultant and Entertainment Advisor for the Tiger Woods Gala, New Zealand.

At the University of Waikato, Sam was the Head of the Performance Program and Leader of the Turnovsky Trio (named after the late Honourable Fred Turnovsky, founder of Chamber Music New Zealand, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and New Zealand Opera Company).

To find out more about the Chamber Music Excellence Program please contact us below.

Private Music Tuition

College enjoys a professional partnership with a number of excellent external contractors and teachers who make up our tuition team.
Lessons are available on all string, woodwind and brass instruments as well as piano, guitar, drum kit, and orchestral percussion.

Our tuition fee structure is based on the Queensland Music Teacher’s Association recommendations. Current fees are published on the tuition enrolment form. Tutors provide accounts at the beginning of each term and fees are charged in advance by the term. A notice period of one term is required for cancellation of tuition.

Tuition takes place during the school day. Before or after school hours tuitions are usually reserved for Years 11 and 12 students, and additional places during these times are negotiated with the Director of Music, the tutor and the parents.

Academic Music

Junior College

The Junior College runs a unique specialist music program in Prep and Year 1 called ‘Music Every Day’ where students engage in 20 minutes of music each day. This program focuses on developing core skills such as beat, rhythm and pitch.

Students in Year 3 to Year 6 participate in two 40-minute music lessons each week and have access to special instrumental programs including the Year 3 Strings program, Year 4 Band Preparatory program and the Years 5 and 6 Band programs.

Senior College

In the Senior College, students use the core skills they have learnt in the Junior Music Program and apply them to new musical situations and with more creative license.

In Years 7 and 8, students are immersed in the Blues. In Years 9 and 10, students explore genres such as Pop, Jazz, World Music and Film Music. In Years 11 and 12, students are developing and working within their own musical identities, creating performances, experimenting with compositional techniques and analysing works to inform their musical decisions. Students in the Academic Music classes also attend and participate in a variety of activities, excursions and workshops.