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;s College Alumni or, as we call it Old Scholars, was established with the goal of maintaining connections with former students.

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Graduate Stories

Claire Christian – Class of 2001

When I left school I studied a Bachelor of Education majoring in Drama, where I became a high school Drama and English teacher. I then came back to Saint Stephens and taught for three glorious years before I decided to move to London to teach, travel and study playwriting at the
Royal Court Theatre. In fact, I blame my brilliant students at SSC for shifting my whole life down a new artistic path, it was a play that I wrote specifically for Theatralis that won me an award with Queensland Theatre Company and got me into the program that I wanted to study overseas. So, high-five Theatralis 2007! [read more…]

Dominique Willison (nee Pollard) – Class of 2004

At the age of 10 I saw a documentary about the paediatric ward of a UK hospital. I remember by the time the documentary had finished I had decided that what I wanted to do when I grew up was “save babies”.

I studied a Bachelor of Nursing at Griffith University Gold Coast and graduated in 2007. For the past 5 years I have been working as a Registered Nurse in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit of The Royal Children’s Hospital – now Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital. I am now also involved in clinical teaching for new staff and students in the PICU in my role as a Preceptor. [read more…]

Josh McConville – Class of 2003

Upon graduating, Josh auditioned for and was accepted into Australia’s prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA). He has gone on to perform in numerous national and global theatre and movie productions alongside the likes of Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving and Rebecca Gibney and has won several awards for his performances. [read more…]

Lincoln Chau – Class of 2010

Lincoln moved to the College from Hong Kong in 2008 and graduated with an OP1 in 2010. Upon graduating, he completed a Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) and was awarded first class honours and the Vice Chancellor Scholarship. Lincoln has practised in both Australia and Hong Kong and is looking to undertake further study to become a specialist surgeon. [read more…]

Ryan Cooney – Class of 2013

Ryan pursued his love of writing and in April 2016 he gained a 3 book publishing deal. His first novel ‘A Hero Rises’, part of ‘The Shadow Series’, was published in September 2016. [read more…]

Sadia Stathis – Class of 2004

Sadia completed a Bachelor of Laws at Bond University and Master of Laws at the Australian National University. As a part of her study, she became involved in human rights law with the United Nations and has been working for a US Fortune 500 company as Legal Counsel for the Asia Pacific region. [read more…]

James Maskey – Class of 2006

After completing his Business Law Degree in 2009, James decided he didn’t want to be a Solicitor so he became a Queensland Police Officer.  From 2010 to 2014 he worked in General Duties and Child Protection but it significantly impacted his mental health and he made the decision to resign. To improve his mental health, he started entering endurance events. He is now the National Engagement Manager at Beyond Blue in their ‘Police and Emergency Services Program’. [read more…]